Friday, January 9, 2009

My E-Book

I have decided to do a book on my blog. Tell me what you think.

Saturday, June 15
Ever since I was five, I wanted to go to Camp Big Bear for girls. Now that I am eleven, I am allowed to. The only problem is “mom” says no. N-O. As in never in twenty years. I tried to explain.
“Camp Big Bear has a pool, and a rock wall, and thirty consolers, and twelve CIT’s (consoler in training). Plus an A.W.S.C.B.P. (activities-with-self-confidence-building-person) Plus three free meals a day and it’s only ten miles from here going southeast toward Black Raven Woods. Please. Pretty, pretty, please with marshmallows on top.
“Forget the idea Shorty.” Did I mention I have an annoying fifteen year old brother named Mike?
“My name isn’t Shorty. It’s Dahlia.
This is a typical mother daughter please-no fight. Mom finnaly gave in. It felt good. Now I have to wait two weeks for camp to start.