Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The One...The Only!

My mom wanted for me to start blogging. She showed me, and here I am now. WARNING: If you are not an eco-lover, do not read any further. I am an only child (thus the title). I-, wait. Let's not talk about me, let's talk about you! Oh, this is my blog so let's talk more about... (sound the trumpets) ME!! I am a true American Girl. I am collecting money for polar bears, picking up trash, and am a straight A student. (I know I am supposed to be modest) so let's put it this way, I never got a B. Now a quick movie review:

Chrissa Stands Strong
This movie is really good I think. It is about a girl named Chrissa Maxwell who moves from Iowa to Minnesota. She has to start school mid year. Chrissa befriends the loser-girl and three girls, the Mean Bees, start the teasing. Can Chrissa, Gwen(loser-girl), and Sonali (former mean bee), stop the bullying. And for good?

Thanks for listening

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