Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Monday, June 29
I'm all packed and ready for Camp Big Bear. Lucky for me mom is catoring. So not cool. I'm Cabin 3. The girls who share my cabin are Eliot, Stallot, Scarlomt, and Avarim. Sometimes your happy to have a easy-to-pronounce name like Dahlia. Eliot is the counsoler. She doesn't count. Stallot is from Egypt. Scarlomt is from Paris. Avarim is from Japan. I told them I'm from Maine. They didn't look impressed. Stallot pointed out that we're in Maine. She's also the one who took the top bunk from me. She acts like the top bunk is an Oscar. Avarim is kinda shy. She doesn't talk much. Scarlomt is becoming my best friend. She too has a Yorkshire Terrier. Now gotta go.

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